Jimmy Fallon Totally Winged This ‘SNL’ Sketch That Didn’t Even Have a Script

Saturday night Live has become renowned for its iconic sketches, many of which have gone down in TV history as legendary. Part of what makes the NBC sketch comedy series so special, is the unpredictable nature of the live show. From cast members breaking character to surprise celebrity cameos, some of SNL’s most iconic moments have come from improvised performances. Recently, Jimmy Fallon appeared on Andy Cohen’s podcast and shared a hilarious story about a sketch he performed on the show with no rehearsal and no script.

Jimmy Fallon was an ‘SNL’ cast member for six years

According to IMDb, Fallon’s breakthrough as a performer came during his six-year tenure on Saturday night Live from 1998 to 2004. Before joining the cast, he had been a stand-up comedian, but it was his work on snl that catapulted him into mainstream fame and cemented his status as a beloved entertainer.

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