Jill Ashock Updates Fans on Her Relationship With Amber Asay

Jill Ashock and Amber Asay became controversial figures in the Netflix survival series Outlast. Along with their team member Justin Court, the pair resorted to sabotage in an attempt to win the game. Perhaps Jill and Amber’s one saving grace is that they never betrayed each other. Now that the show has ended, Jill Ashock updates fans on her relationship with Amber.

Amber Asay and Jill Ashock | Netflix

Jill Ashock refused to defect from Team Alpha

Jill Ashock, Amber Asay, and Justin Court made up the controversial Team Alpha in Outlast. The group restored to dastardly deeds like stealing another team’s sleeping bags in an attempt to win, rubbing many viewers the wrong way.

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