Is Gabriel Leaving the Show?

A B C s alaskan daily almost lost two characters when the Concerned Citizen took Eileen Fitzgerald and Gabriel Tovar hostage in episode 7. However, Eileen got through to the man with the gun before he could physically hurt the two reporters. Unfortunately, the Concerned Citizen died by suicide by cop right in front of Eileen and Gabriel, adding to their trauma. And for Gabriel, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue down the path of journalism following the event.

Pablo Castelblanco as Gabriel Tovar and Hilary Swank as Eileen Fitzgerald | ABC/Darko Sikman

Gabriel announced he was quitting his job in ‘Alaska Daily’ Episode 8

Following the Concerned Citizen’s attack on the Daily AlaskanGabriel took time off work to recover in alaskan daily Episode 8.

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