Hosea Chanchez Says His Character Inspired Real-Life Change

The game is in its third revival. After being canceled on two different networks, the beloved series has landed on Paramount+. Hosea Chanchez is one of three original cast members of The game who have been on all three networks, and in the third iteration, his character is battling some major personal troubles. He says playing his character of him for so long has inspired real-life growth.

Hosea Chanchez | Dipasupil/Getty Images

Hosea Chanchez says his character Malik Wright sparked his mental health advocacy

In Season 1 of the Paramount+ reboot of The game, Wright deals with a mental health crisis that stagnates his life and career. Initially, his team pressures him to keep it under wraps out of fear that it’ll ruin his career and image of him. But he makes the decision to publicize it via social media.

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