Here’s Why Princess Kit Tanthalos, AKA Ruby Cruz, Looks So Familiar

Disney+ is introducing newer generations to the world of the cult classic 1988 film Willow. The original film was a moderate box office success when it was released but, over time, grew in popularity. The Disney+ series of the same name hit the streamer in 2022, and introduced some new faces as well as old ones. Here’s where you may have seen Princess Kit Tanthalos, who is played by Ruby Cruz.

Ruby Cruz plays a queer character in ‘Willow’

Cross stars on Willow as princess Kit Tanthalos, a Daikini noble and Queen Sorsha of Tir Asleen’s daughter. She is depicted as a free-spirited woman, an excellent swordswoman, and very independent. She also holds a candle to Jade Claymore, a young Daikini warrior serving Kit’s mother, the Queen.

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