‘Gunsmoke’ Actor Burt Reynolds Thought Playing Quint Asper Became Incredibly ‘Boring’

gunsmoke actor Burt Reynolds worked hard for his prominent acting career. However, he certainly had to make some difficult decisions early on between feature films and television. Reynolds earned an impressive spot on one of the biggest shows on television and thought highly of his Western co-stars. But, he later admitted that it became an increasingly boring gig and decided to bite the bullet and make a change.

Burt Reynolds joins ‘Gunsmoke’ Season 8

Burt Reynolds | Getty Images

Reynolds first joined gunsmoke Season 8 Episode 3 called “Quint Asper Comes Home,” where he played the title character, Quint Asper. The 1962 episode established his character de él as a half-Comanche man who joined forces with his mother de él to kill white men in response to the murder of his father de él. However, James Arness’ Matt Dillon saw the good in him and integrated him into the life of Dodge City. The pair later became close friends.

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