‘Gunsmoke’ Actor Burt Reynolds Said 1 Previous Co-Star Tried to Destroy His Career on ‘Riverboat’ Set

Before actor Burt Reynolds earned his role in gunsmoke, he got his start elsewhere on television. There was potential to enter the big leagues in Hollywood, but he hit some speed bumps along the way. A co-star nearly destroyed his entire career before he could get the ball rolling. If he allowed it to trip him up, the world would not have Reynolds in his role of him in gunsmoke.

‘Gunsmoke’ actor Burt Reynolds started in ‘Riverboat’

Burt Reynolds | NBC Television/Getty Images

Reynolds entered the entertainment industry as an ex-football player. He earned some smaller roles in television starting with flights in 1958. However, Reynolds didn’t settle into his first more prominent role until 1959 with riverboat. The show followed Captain Gray Holden (Darren McGavin) and his crew who brought their vessel along the rivers of Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio.

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