French Farago Opens Up About Trying to Leave the Show ‘a Few Times’

Though there were plenty of familiar faces in the cast of Netflix’s perfect match, Francesca Farago was certainly a standout. Hailing from the inaugural season of Too Hot To Handle, the Canadian-born influencer had developed a reputation as a reality TV “villain.” That reputation seemed to only continue during her time of her on perfect match. Fans of the reality TV show certainly found Farago’s behavior to be polarizing. But it seems that Farago’s emotions from him were often running even higher than what was shown on screen. In fact, the reality TV star tried to quit the show several times.

‘Perfect Match’ alum Francesca Farago | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Francesca Farago explains some of her intense behavior on ‘Perfect Match’

Though Farago is no stranger to reality TV shows, she still found it challenging to be a part of the perfect match cast. The Instagram model has been candid that it’s a bit difficult for her to be decisive while filming a show. This results in more extreme aspects of her personality from her coming out at times. While speaking with INSIDER, Farago explained that this behavior could be what helps contribute to her de ella “villain” label de ella.

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