Francesca Farago Says Chase Demoor Had a Girlfriend While Filming

In the new Netflix reality TV show perfect match, the contestants compete in compatibility challenges with the goal of finding love. While it doesn’t look like any of the matches lasted once the cameras stopped rolling, it seems counterintuitive for any of them to show up while they had a significant other back home. However, Francesca Farago says that Chase DeMoor had a girlfriend while filming.

‘Perfect Match’ star Chase DeMoor allegedly had a girlfriend while filming. | Netflix

Chase DeMoor failed to find a lasting relationship on ‘Perfect Match’

Chase’s goal from the moment he arrived at the villa was to cause chaos. He and Kariselle Snow went on a date, but Kariselle chose to match Joey Sasso instead. Chase then matched up with Anne-Sophie Petit Frere, and the two won the next compatibility challenge, which involved rating their co-stars’ kissing skills. During the ratings reveal, Chase gave Kariselle a two and claimed she chipped his tooth from her. This turned out to be a lie, but nonetheless, he and Anne-Sophie secured the win.

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