Francesca Farago Explains How Being Cheated On Shifted Her Attitude Towards Men

It’s no secret that Francesca Farago has experienced her fair share of ups and downs when it comes to romance and dating. Thanks to her participation of her in Netflix reality TV shows: Too Hot To Handle and perfect match, the influencer’s love life has often been a topic of conversation. Furthermore, some of Farago’s exes have been famous faces like Diplo, so her relationships de ella have been pretty high-profile. She’s also spoken openly about how heartbreak has impacted her. For example, being cheated on changed the way Farago approached men and relationships.

Francesca Farago | Jon Kopaloff/Wire Image

Francesca Farago is happily dating her boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan

These days, Farago seems to be in a happy relationship. The model has been dating her current boyfriend of hers, Jesse Sullivan, for quite some time. In fact, some people seem to believe that Farago was already in the relationship when she was on perfect match. According to the reality TV star, Sullivan is her perfect match for her in every way. In fact, Farago is ready and willing to marry Sullivan. She has admitted that she asks him every day when he is planning to propose because she’s eager to be engaged.

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