Fans Fear a Foreboding Omen for Park Jin and Maidservant Kim’s Wedding

There are a few weddings to look forward to in the K-drama Alchemy of Souls Season 2. But fans are well aware weddings bring tragedy and have been a dark omen in the K-drama since the first season finale. Fans now fear the worst for Park Jin and Maidservant Kim’s wedding in Alchemy of Souls Season 2, as one scene gives off an uneasy feeling.

Maidservant Kim and Park Jin in ‘Alchemy of Souls’ Season 2 | via tvN

‘Alchemy of Souls’ had two weddings end in tragedy and death

In the first season of the K-drama, fans and the people of Daeho were looking forward to the joyous wedding between Cho-yeon and Dang-gu. Fans watch their romantic story blossom from lifelong childhood friends to love interests. But as Alchemy of Souls went into its finale, turmoil ensued. Due to Jin Mu’s medling and evil plan from her, he activated Nak-su’s gate of energy from her and turned her back into a mindless killer assassin.

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