Everything to Know About ‘Weak Hero Class 1’ Star Park Ji-hoon’s Webtoon K-Drama

South Korean actor Park Ji-hoon is onto his next on-screen character with Fantasy Sonata. The actor made headlines thanks to his outstanding role in the K-drama Weak Hero Class 1. He has astounded fans as he brought to life the webtoon character Si-eun to utter perfection in the bullying K-drama. Fans hope Park will do it again, as he is reported to star as the lead in Fantasy Sonata.

Park Ji-hoon in talks for webtoon K-drama ‘Fantasy Sonata.’ | via Wavve

Park Ji-hoon will play a double person role for ‘Fantasy Sonata’

Fans have had their eye on Park and his next K-drama role. The actor and singer were reportedly offered the leading male role for Fantasy Sonata. Based on a webtoon of the same name by Ban Ji-woon, the storyline takes place in a historical time period. The fun twist to the K-drama is Park’s character if he chooses to take on the K-drama.

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