Edge of History’ Fans Are Still Hoping for a Nicolas Cage Cameo

what is National Treasure without the national treasure himself, Nicolas Cage? That’s how many fans are feeling about National Treasure: Edge of History, the new Disney+ series in which Lisette Olivera takes over as the treasure hunter. The show is just about halfway through its first season, and though Cage’s character, Ben Gates, did get a shout-out, Cage is still nowhere to be seen. Here’s why Nicolas Cage isn’t in National Treasure: Edge of Historywhat fans are saying, and whether he could appear in the future.

‘National Treasure’ star Nicolas Cage | Leon Bennett/WireImage

Many fans want to see Nicolas Cage in ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’

National Treasure: Edge of History Its first two episodes premiered on Dec. 14. The series follows Jess Valenzuela (Olivera) as she finds a clue that could lead to a Pan-American treasure with connections to her own father. With help from her friends, Jess must find the treasure before the ruthless Billie Pearce (Catherine Zeta-Jones) can get her hands on it.

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