Canceled Netflix Shows That Won’t Return in 2023

Netflix might be the leading streaming platform by a large margin, but that doesn’t mean all of its shows get to finish their stories. All of us have been burned once or twice after falling in love with a character or two, only to have Netflix yank the rug right out from under us. (I’m looking at you, day break.) Here are some of the most recently canceled Netflix shows.

‘The Midnight Club’ unfortunately made the list of canceled Netflix shows that won’t return in 2023. | Cr. Eike Schroter/Netflix © 2022

Mike Flanagan’s ‘The Midnight Club’ won’t see a sophomore season

As a longtime horror lover, I was delighted to learn Mike Flanagan was turning Christopher Pike’s novel, The Midnight Club, into a series for Netflix. The show followed a group of terminally ill teens living in a hospice who told scary stories as a way to deal with their situations. Featuring some of Flanagan’s favorite performers like Samantha Sloyan (Midnight Mass) and Zach Gilford (Midnight Mass), The Midnight Club seemed like the perfect story to last over a couple of seasons.

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