Broadway Star Reneé Rapp Is Going to Great Lengths to Leave ‘Sex Lives of College Girls’ Following Season 3

Broadway sensation Reneé Rapp is pulling out all the stops to break ties with the widely-watched series Sex Lives of College Girls. While her performance of her on the show garnered widespread acclaim, it appears the multi-talented star has different aspirations on the horizon.

In this surprising turn of events, Rapp confirmed that season 3 of the hit series will be her last. The ramifications of her exit from her on the future of the show remain to be seen, but for Rapp, it seems, a whole new world of opportunities awaits.

Renée Rapp | HBO Max

Reneé Rapp is doing everything in her power to leave ‘Sex Lives of College Girls’

Rapp has formally announced her departure from the popular show Sex Lives of College Girls. She will make only a few appearances in season 3 before her final exit from her.

In a heartfelt message posted on Twitter, the actor acknowledged the significant role the show played in her life. She also expressed her gratitude towards the creators of the show, Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble, for giving her the opportunity.

In light of the surprise announcement, Rapp has enlisted the services of renowned celebrity lawyer Bryan Freedman. According to Decider, Freedman will assist her in making a smooth transition from the show, enabling her to focus on her burgeoning music career.

“Both sides have been working to resolve things,” a source disclosed. “There are a lot of egos at play.”

Rapp received acclaim for her portrayal of Leighton Murray, a wealthy legacy student grappling with her sexuality throughout the first two seasons of the show.

Fans react to the Broadway star’s exit following season 3

Many fans were taken by surprise when Rapp abruptly exited Sex Lives of College Girls.

Several viewers drew parallels with Olivia Rodrigo’s skyrocketing fame in 2021. She achieved fame after releasing her inaugural album and subsequently departing from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Fans reacted intensely to Rapp’s role in the series on social media. Numerous viewers argued that she essentially carried the series and steered the most compelling narrative of the previous season.

“Honestly, her storyline was the best,” one person commented. “I wonder where they’ll go season 3 because season 2 was disappointing.”

Many believe that Rapp’s exit could indicate the demise of the HBO series after season 3, especially considering the popularity of Rapp’s character. Producers, of course, have not provided any comments about the show’s future now that Rapp is gone.

Rapp’s departure from the hit series, on the other hand, has opened the door for her to pursue her other dreams in show business.

Inside Reneé Rapp’s plans following her departure from ‘Sex Lives of College Girls’

Rapp’s professional life is currently abuzz with activity. As of December, she landed the starring role as Cady Heron, the iconic Y2K character, in the forthcoming Mean Girls musical film.

The versatile performer appears to be in the middle of shooting, as the film is set to premiere in early 2024.

Furthermore, Rapp has a full plate of an international tour spanning the US, UK, and Ireland.

In addition to her exciting new acting gig, Rapp has been making significant progress in her music journey. In 2022, she signed a deal with Interscope Records and subsequently released her EP, Everything to Everyonein November of that year.

In August, Rapp plans to release his first full-length album, Snow Angeland embark on her inaugural worldwide tour the following month.

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