Are Any ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ Cast Members Still Alive?

It surely wasn’t easy to make an American sitcom about a group of prisoners of war set in a Nazi German POW camp … but somehow, the acclaimed classic TV show Hogan’s Heroes pulled it off. From 1965-1971, fans tuned in to CBS to see what the fates had in store for the talented cast of characters.

Sigrid Valdis as Hilda, Frank Marth as SS Col. Deutsch and Werner Klemperer as Col. Wilhelm Klink | CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

For at least one actor, Robert Clary, the show’s subject hit close to home. The French-born actor survived several years in concentration camps, giving him a firsthand look at the tragedies of war. Clary’s recent passing of him at the age of 96 has fans wondering if any of the main Hogan’s Heroes cast members are still alive.

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