‘And Just Like That…’ Miranda Hobbes Initially Had a Romance Storlyine With Nya Wallace

And Just Like That… season 2 is set to premiere in June. While the inaugural season of the sex and the city reboot was heavily watched, it was also heavily criticized by fans, many of whom missed the airiness of the original series. One storyline was more despised than all the rest. Fans really hated Miranda Hobbes’ decision to cheat on Steve Brady with Che Diaz. While many have argued that any cheating storyline would have been unacceptable, the show originally planned for a romance to bloom between Miranda and Nya Wallace, her professor. So, why didn’t it happen? Cynthia Nixon had a hand in the final decision.

Miranda and Che | HBO

Miranda was initially supposed to find love with Nya Wallace

In season 1 of And Just Like That… Miranda Hobbes strikes up a friendship with her professor, Nya Wallace, after a rocky start to their relationship. Miranda turns into Nya’s shoulder to lean on while she navigates the world of infertility treatment and whether or not children with her husband are in the cards. That’s not the way it was initially supposed to go, though.

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