‘And Just Like That….’ Doubles Down on the ‘Two Great Loves’ Concept From ‘Sex and the City’ in New Aidan-Centric Trailer


Charlotte York once argued that everyone gets two great loves. ‘And Just Like That…’ she seems ready to explore that concept again with the return of Aidan Shaw.

And Just Like That… fans are getting closer to reconnecting with Aidan Shaw. John Corbett’s reprisal of his infamous role as Carrie Bradshaw’s other great love, has been the talk of social media for months. Now that the season is officially underway, we are learning more about the character’s involvement from him. A new trailer proves that the writers are doubling down on a famous notion from sex and the city; Charlotte York once stated that everyone gets two great loves. Aidan and Mr. Big were Carrie’s. Based on new footage, it looks like that might just be true.

An ‘And Just Like That…’ trailer delves into Aidan Shaw’s reemergence

Max has officially released a mid-season trailer for And Just Like That… season 2, and it is all about Aidan Shaw. In the 24-second promo released on Twitter, Carrie and Aidan are seen together in several shots. Miranda Hobbes questions how quickly Carrie is moving with Aidan in one scene. The rest of the trailer shows Aidan being introduced to Carrie’s newest pal, Seema Patel.

While the trailer is short and sweet, it finally puts to rest rumors that Aidan’s return will be short-lived. It looks like Aidan will be around for a while, although that is, of course, subject to change. If he does stick around, Aidan and Carries’ renewed relationship could prove Charlotte York right.

The trailer proves Charlotte York right

The trailer seems to paint Carrie and Aidan’s reconnection as a series one. The serious nature of their romance seems to prove that Charlotte was right all along. Carrie will have two great loves, both men she met in her 30s.

In season 5 sex and the city episode, “Anchors Away,” Charlotte recalls how she read in a magazine that everyone gets two great loves. She then points out that Aidan and Mr. Big were Carrie’s two great loves before attempting to backtrack to save her pal’s feelings from her. Despite trying to renege on her statement from her, the And Just Like That… writers are set to prove her right. We aren’t against it.

Charlotte York had two great loves, too

Carrie Bradshaw isn’t the only character who has seemingly been gifted with two great loves and a series of lesser dates. In season 3 of sex and the city, Charlotte married Trey MacDougal. While their marriage didn’t last, she openly admitted in Sex and the city that she considered him one of her great loves.

Later, she met and married Harry Goldenblatt, despite not considering him initially attractive. She even converted to Judaism to make the marriage happen. Charlotte and Harry are still together and deliriously happy as a family of four. It’s safe to say that Harry is her second and final great love of her.

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