Amy Slaton Couldn’t ‘Poop for 3 Weeks’ Due to Pregnancy With 2nd Child

TLC viewers have been keeping up with Tammy and Amy Slaton for years via 1000-lb Sisters. And the sisters are about to return for another season of the show. In 1000-lb Sisters Season 4, Amy talks about her experience with her second pregnancy—and she discusses horrible constipation she dealt with as a result. Here’s what she said.

How many kids does Amy Slaton have?

Amy Slaton in ‘1000-lb Sisters’ | FTA via YouTube

Amy Slaton has two children—Gage Deon Halterman and Glenn Allen Halterman. Gage is 2 years old while Glenn was just born in July 2022. Heading into 1000-lb Sisters Season 4, Amy’s still pregnant with Glenn, and she documents her journey through her second pregnancy for the cameras.

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