Amy Roloff Would ‘Love’ for the Show ‘to Continue On’

Little People, Big World has aired on TLC since 2006, and fans have watched the Roloff family grow up on the small screen. Matt and Amy Roloff started the show so viewers could see how they navigate life with dwarfism. But recent seasons continue to focus on the drama regarding Roloff Farms post-Matt and Amy’s divorce. Here’s what Amy recently said about wanting the show to continue despite the uncertainty of its future.

Is ‘Little People, Big World’ canceled in 2023?

Matt and Amy Roloff | Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Discovery

TLC has yet to confirm whether Little People, Big World will return after season 24. The most recent season focused on the Roloff Farms drama between Matt and Zach Roloff. Zach gave up his hopes and dreams of owning Roloff Farms, and he and his wife, Tori Roloff, moved their family out of Oregon and over to Washington.

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