Amanda Reveals Why She Exited the Show — ‘Your Girl Is Not a Quitter’

Peacock’s The Traitors was full of mysteries. The concept of the reality competition series is to discover the identity of three traitors before it’s too late and they have taken the $250,000 grand prize from the faithfuls. But another mystery arose when one contestant vanished from the castle without giving any reason. And now, Amanda Clark is coming clean about why she had to leave The Traitors.

Cirie Fields and Amanda Clark | Photo by: PEACOCK

Amanda Clark departs Ardross Castle in ‘The Traitors’ Episode 5

Amanda Clark was among the 17 faithfuls in The Traitors Season 1. She also belonged to the group of 10 contestants who had never appeared on reality television prior to the Peacock series. Amanda is originally an Emergency Room Nurse from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, but she quickly adapted to the deceptive game.

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