All of the Times ‘Gilmore Girls’ Foreshadowed Luke and Lorelai’s Relationship in Season 1

Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore were the endgame couple of Gilmore Girls, and for a good reason. Fans waited four long seasons to see the perky inn owner and the surly diner owner finally kiss. For those four seasons, showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino turned up the heat on the character’s sexual tension. While things started to heat up in season 3, if we look closely, there were a lot of moments that foreshadowed their future love affair in the show’s very first season. We’ve collected the most obvious examples.

‘Gilmore Girls’ fans think Amy Sherman-Palladino foreshadowed Luke and Lorelai’s relationship in the pilot

Throughout season 1 of Gilmore Girls, Luke, and Lorelai’s future romance was hinted at. Fans are certain the decision was a purposeful one. They even think the opening scene, in which Lorelai begged Luke for another cup of coffee, was the first instance of foreshadowing. While we aren’t sure about that, future examples are more obvious.

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