Alexis Says Justin Was a Different Person On and Off Camera in Season 15

Married at First Sight is currently airing its 16th season as five couples from Nashville try their hand at the popular experiment. But Season 15 cast members are still on everyone’s minds. And the rollercoaster relationship between Justin and Alexis still puzzles viewers. In a recent interview, Alexis spoke openly about experiencing two different versions of Justin. She says her conflicting feelings about him on camera were due to him acting differently toward her off-camera.

‘Married at First Sight’s’ Justin and Alexis smile for promotional photo for Season 15

Fans accused Alexis of being dismissive of Justin’s feelings

Justin and Alexis appeared to be the perfect match, even exchanging “I Love You” with one another on the honeymoon. But after Justin’s dog attacked Alexis’ dog at their first meeting, things quickly went downhill.

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