Alexis Reveals the Moment She Knew Her Marriage to Justin Was Over in Season 15

There have been many failed relationships on Married at First Sight, but Justin and Alexis’ marriage was the most complicated. The San Diego couple were up and down weekly, leaving viewers unsure how things would end. Ultimately, they parted ways. And Alexis says her decision to end the marriage was a build-up of several events. But there’s one moment that ended up being her final straw from her.

Justin and Alexis of Season 15’s ‘Married at First Sight’

Alexis reveals the moment she knew her marriage to Justin was over

After the honeymoon, their relationship was a rollercoaster. The status changed from week to week. And while some viewers felt Alexis appeared checked out early on, she insists she tried, but it was difficult to maintain any stability because of Justin’s ever-changing emotions of her and him acting differently towards her on and off camera.

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