5 South Korean Male Actors That Played Heinous Villains and Protagonists in K-Dramas

When it comes to South Korean actors, many have astounding capabilities to switch their roles from loving protagonists to malicious villains in K-dramas. Male actors like Yoo In-soo played the hated school bully in Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead before playing the lovable role of Don-gu in Alchemy of souls. Yoo is not the only Korean male actor who has played a villain and hero in a K-drama.

Korean male actor Kim Young-kwang as the villain in ‘Somebody’ K-drama | via Netflix

Kim Young-kwang played a serial killer in Netflix’s ‘Somebody’ K-drama

Fans will recall Kim Young-kwan’s role in the heartwarming K-drama Hello, Me! He played the leading male role of Han Yoo-hyun. The character is bubbly, a bit outlandish, and a breath of fresh air. He becomes involved in the female lead’s journey of rediscovery. Ban Ha-ni’s (Choi Kang-gee) life is not going as planned until, one day, she meets the teenage version of herself.

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