5 of the Best Revenge K-Dramas From 2022, Ranked

Fans have been enthralled over 2022 with numerous binge-worthy revenge K-dramas. Revenge K-dramas add a necessary thrill to the mundane as leading characters have been terribly wronged and want retribution for their pain. Some of the year’s most talked about K-dramas include So Yea-ji’s grand return in Eve. Revenge storylines have it all: drama, thrill, strong relationships, and even murder.

2022 Revenge K-dramas ‘Eve,’ ‘Remarriage & Desires,’ and ‘The Glory’ | via Netflix

5. ‘Remarriage & Desires’ has a middle-class wife seeking revenge against the people who ruined her

netflix released Remarriage & Desires in July 2022. tomorrow Actor Kim Hee-sun stars as Seo Hye-seung, a teacher in Gangnam. She was a content middle-class wife until her husband’s death. But behind his death de ella is darkness as ella Hye-seung seeks revenge against the people she thinks are responsible.

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