4 Times a Castmember’s Family Member Appeared on the Show

Gilmore Girls was all about family. The entire show revolved around the relationship between Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory Gilmore. The relationship between Lorelai and her parents, Richard and Emily Gilmore, was also highlighted. It might surprise you to find out that the family-centric nature of the show extended to the cast. Amy Sherman-Palladino cast several major castmember’s family members in roles during the show’s seven-season run. We’ve collected four examples.

TJ’s brother was Michael DeLuise’s real-life brother

TJ, Liz Danes’ boyfriend turned husband, seemed like a small side character. Still, the Gilmore Girls cast addition was fairly divisive. Some fans loved the character, while others hated his dim persona from him. While TJ was a minor character, Amy Sherman-Palladino opted to introduce his family during the show’s seven-season run. Namely, fans met TJ’s brother twice in season 4.

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