4 of the Best Streaming Shows of 2022

We’re only a few days away from a new year, but before we say goodbye to 2022 forever, let’s reveal in some of the best streaming shows entertainment had to offer this year. desde stranger things to severance to House of the Dragon, streaming platforms gave us plenty of top-tier content. Here are four of the best streaming shows of 2022.

‘The Umbrella Academy’ lands on our list of best shows of 2022. | Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ returned after an extended hiatus

When stranger things Season 3 ended, no one knew it would be almost three very long years before we joined the folks of Hawkins, Indiana, again. However, the wait was worth it when showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer gave everyone a supersized season with lovable new characters. We’re now only one season away from learning how it all ends with Eleven, Hopper, and the rest of the gang as they battle Henry/Vecna/One in what promises to be an epic conclusion. stranger things easily lands on the top of my list of best streaming shows, and it’s one I return to again and again.

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