3 Unpopular ‘Gilmore Girls’ Opinions That We Are Almost Afraid to Share

Gilmore Girls remains popular more than 20 years after it premiered. Netflix has given the show new life, and a podcast dedicated to the series is drawing in even more new viewers. Gilmore Girls fans are among the most loyal, and fans largely agree on the big topics. We have some unpopular Gilmore Girls opinions, though. Some of these hot takes are so controversial that we are almost afraid to share them.

It might be an unpopular ‘Gilmore Girls’ opinion, but Luke Danes wasn’t a great partner to Lorelai Gilmore

Luke Danes is loved by most Gilmore Girls fans. Lorelai and Luke are still considered the endgame couple of the entire series. While it was certainly satisfying to see Luke and Lorelai finally get together, we have doubts about the couple’s compatibility. All told, Luke could have been a better partner to Lorelai.

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