‘1923’ Actor Brandon Sklenar Was Destined to Play Spencer Dutton After the ‘Smoothest’ Audition He’s Ever Experienced

1923 continue expanding the yellowstone universe. The show — which stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren — serves as a sequel series to 1883 and follows the rich history of the Dutton family. A big part of why fans have responded so favorably to these shows is the casting. In fact, 1923 star Brandon Sklenar revealed how he felt destined to play his character, Spencer Dutton.

How Brandon Sklenar relates to his ‘1923’ character

Created by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water), 1923 carries all the hallmarks of a classic Western drama. But despite the period setting, Sklenar told Esquire he was deeply connected with Spencer early on in the show’s development.

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