Taxes: 15 million households partly reimbursed by the tax authorities

Good surprise for millions of taxpayers during the summer holidays. Some 15 million tax households will receive a refund from the tax authorities for income tax overpayments. These payments, which will take place either this Monday, July 24, or August 2, will represent more than 13 billion euros this year, according to figures from the Directorate General of Public Finance. Or a check for 844 euros on average per household.

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These refunds are triggered in two situations: either for households having made, in 2022, certain expenses (donations, home employment expenses, childcare, rental investments, etc.) which give the right to reductions and tax credits on the one hand. They will receive the balance of the advance for these benefits already received in January. Either, on the other hand, for households that were deducted too much at source last year. Their income may have fallen compared to the previous year or their situation may have changed (marriage, divorce, arrival of a child, etc.) without their having thought of informing the tax authorities, for example.

By bank transfer or check

For the households concerned, this refund will arrive by bank transfer with the wording “Remb Tax Income” on their account statement. If the bank details have not been entered in the taxpayer’s specific space on the tax website, the DGFiP will send a check to their home address.

Conversely, 9.6 million households will have to checkout. They will have to pay a balance of tax for a total amount of 21.7 billion euros this year. That is an average of 2,259 euros per household. In question, an insufficient deduction at source in 2022 compared to the amount of final tax calculated this summer. Or advances of reductions and tax credits that are too large.

These taxpayers will be notified in their tax notice that they will receive in their personal space online between July 26 and August 4, or by paper between July 24 and August 22.

Other taxpayers will checkout

In this case, the amount to be paid will be directly deducted by the tax authorities from the taxpayer’s bank account. If the amount due is less than or equal to 300 euros, this will be done in one go, on September 25. If the sum is greater than 300 euros, the debit will be made in four installments on September 25, October 26, November 27 and December 27.


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