Strikes in transport: Wednesday will not be a “dark day” according to Clément Beaune

Wednesday should not be a “black day” in public transport, with less disruption linked to the strike against the pension reform for the eighth day of mobilization, said Transport Minister Clément Beaune on Tuesday morning.

“In Ile-de-France, there will be few disruptions. At the SNCF today it is not a normal situation and it should be less good tomorrow. In air transport, only at Orly airport , there will be 20% less flights,” said the minister on France 2.

“I don’t think it’s a black day” Wednesday, said Clément Beaune. He conceded, however, that “when you have a hassle and you have your train canceled, you always consider it a black day”.

“It will be less penalizing”, “we will not be in the levels of disruption of public transport that we have experienced during previous mobilizations”, continued the minister.

At the SNCF, a renewable strike was launched on March 7 at the call of all the railway unions against the pension reform, and up to 80% of the TGVs had been canceled during the previous days of mobilization.

In air transport, flight cancellations for Wednesday also promise to be fewer than last week, when they had affected, in addition to the Parisian platforms of Orly and Roissy, regional airports, and concerned up to 30% of device movements.

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