Presidency of the Medef: the bosses of Renault and Orange support the outsider Dominique Carlac’h

The bosses of Orange and Renault have given their support to the vice-president of Medef Dominique Carlac’h, candidate for the presidency of the employers’ organization against Patrick Martin given as a favorite, the newspaper said on Monday. The world.

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This announcement comes on the eve of the grand oral of the two candidates for the presidency of the Mouvement des entreprises de France, who will present their program to the general assembly of the employers’ organization.

“She does not belong to any chapel”, praise the two bosses

In a joint statement to WorldOrange CEO Christel Heydemann and Renault Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard called Dominique Carlac’h, 54, “brave”, “dynamic” and “determined to make the voice of entrepreneurs heard. in the public debate,” the newspaper said on its website.

They also praise her “modern and concrete vision” and believe that she will be able to “federate all companies, whatever their size or sector of activity” because “she does not belong to any chapel”.

A program focused on reducing the cost of labor

The current vice-president and spokesperson for Medef presented a program in May which emphasizes reducing the cost of skilled labor. The former French junior 400-meter champion wants to “build competitive sovereignty”, which, according to her, implies no longer “being naive or silent about the conditions of competition in Europe” in the face of “American and Chinese state capitalism “.

For France to be competitive, it considers “essential to reduce the cost of skilled labor affecting in particular jobs in the financial and insurance sectors, but also in engineering”, to be competitive against the British and Germans or engineers. Indians who “are no less trained than ours”.

“Dialogue without taboo on the work of tomorrow will not mean working less”

Dominique Carlac’h also wants to “discuss without taboo the new relationship to work” and aspires on this point to a “report shared with the other employers’ organizations”. But she draws a red line: “Productivity and value creation must still be at the center of our concerns”.

“Dialogue without taboo on the work of tomorrow will not mean working less,” warns the candidate, who highlights the relationships she has forged within the government and the unions.

Good relations with employee unions

With the deputy secretary general of the CFDT Marylise Léon, who is to succeed Laurent Berger on June 21, and the new secretary of the CGT Sophie Binet, “we often worked together, because we were often in the same role of representing our bosses”, explains the employers’ representative. “We are on familiar terms, we have the 06 and the appointments are already made before the end of the campaign” at the Medef, announces the candidate against Patrick Martin, who is a favorite.

Dominique Carlac’h affirms that the members of Medef accuse the current management of a “disconnection” with the field and wishes to “simplify and streamline the governance of Medef”.

Patrick Martin remains favorite

The program of his rival Patrick Martin, current number two in the organization, is centered around the need for growth. The latter has won major support, in particular that of the powerful Union of Industries and Metallurgy Trades (UIMM). Pierre Brajeux, third candidate for the presidency, withdrew at the beginning of May in favor of Dominique Carlac’h.

A face-to-face debate between the last two candidates in the running is scheduled on the BFM Business channel on June 26, before the election of the next president of Medef on July 6 by just over a thousand electors of the organization.

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