Pensions: before the Assembly, the inter-union reiterates its call to “vote against” the reform

The unions engaged in the battle against the pension reform reiterated their call on Thursday for deputies to “vote against” the “unfair” and “brutal” text, near the National Assembly, a few hours before the parliamentary epilogue.

“The inter-union forcefully asks you, in the name of the immense social and popular movement opposed to the raising of the legal retirement age, to vote against the reform project”, declared François Hommeril (CFE-CGC) on behalf of trade unions.

“The National Assembly and today’s vote have a crucial role in stopping this fundamentally unjust reform that is disconnected from the reality of work,” he also said.

“We have come to call on the deputies to be in tune with the citizens and vote against this bill”, continued the secretary general of the CGT Philippe Martinez.

For the CGT, “obviously the mobilization will continue”, “no question of giving up after a favorable vote or a 49-3”, he warned, while the inter-union must again meet at the end of the parliamentary phase.

“Today’s vote will not silence the social movement,” said CFDT general secretary Laurent Berger.

“Ending this whole process there with a 49.3 will be a real democratic vice and it will cause real discomfort”, he also warned, while the suspense remains over a possible recourse to this constitutional weapon allowing the adoption of a text without vote except motion of censure.

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