Women’s World Cup: Female players get in the mood for the World Cup

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Student apprentices “perfumers”, hosted at Flav Lab, one of the agro-industrial chemistry laboratories of the INP Toulouse, created the perfume “Océania 23” for the women’s soccer World Cup.

Women’s soccer players will be aware of the soccer World Cup. They will soon receive a sample of the new “Océania 23” perfume created by the “Perfumer” apprentices of the Flav Lab of the INP Toulouse, a bit like a Fab Lab, but which works on aromas and perfumes, such as Flavour, Flav’, in English.

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“This perfume called “Oceania 23″ recalls with its name that the Women’s Football World Cup is taking place in Australia and New Zealand, a competition in which the French team has been participating since July 23rd,” points out Thierry Talou, head of the Flav Lab at INP Toulouse. As always, the great adventure began with the creation of an olfactory pyramid with its three components: heart and base notes, the basis of a perfume.

“We therefore favored a fruity note from the water bug, an insect that is highly sought after and used in particular in the kitchen in Viet Nam, explains Thierry Talou. So obviously this choice may seem unglamorous to develop a perfume, but this perfume is original and perfectly illustrates Southeast Asia and its neighbor Oceania. So we made a synthetic copy because the natural product is too expensive. We have therefore selected eucalyptus, a symbolic plant of Australia. Then, for the feminine connotation, we chose vanillin, patchouli and cedar. In the end we got a balanced fragrance with green, floral, warm, amber and woody notes. And then a French note with a few drops of lavender”.

A new success for the Toulouse Flav Lab

To make this perfume better known, the students had the idea of ​​updating the “pomander”, a sort of pendant that was very popular in the Middle Ages where this accessory was used to spread the perfume to fight, in particular against diseases. They then inserted a piece of cotton soaked in Océania 23 into this pendant, which you can wear all day long. “If the commercial distribution obviously turns out to be complicated during the summer holidays, we therefore plan to offer a sample at the end of August to the players of the French national team, assures Thierry Talou. At the moment the perfume is improving at the Flav Lab”.

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A new success for this Toulouse laboratory which has already released several original perfumes, such as those of the 2022 World Cup, the olfactory logos of the Toulouse clubs, for the Fête de la Science in 2021 and, of course, those of the black truffle and its white cousin which are now a commercial success in the USA.

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