With V-Event, virtual events made in Albi

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A young start-up from Albigensian, V-Event offers solutions for creating virtual events.

Allowing people to visit a fair without going there, a museum, a company… This is what the very young Albigensian company V-Event, creator of virtual worlds, offers.

Alexandre Vives, 31, its president, studied in Champollion in audiovisual interactive digital media, games. The idea was born during covid. “The beginnings of covid corresponded with the release of new consoles. Companies advertised with digital events on YouTube, etc. I found it a shame, I thought it was an industry that could make events more immersive,” he says. Then he became interested in the file: “I realized it was expensive and there was nothing specialized. So I thought there was something to create,” he adds.

The V-Event adventure has been launched. He is joined by two relatives: Brandon Largeau and Thomas Allary, who are as passionate about video games as he is. Their idea: to propose a technical solution to create virtual environments as realistic as possible, metaverse-like, but specialized in events. The company will also offer artificial intelligence that will analyze events, manage them in real time and provide decision support.

For him, society is increasingly moving towards digitization. “The population is mature on the virtual,” he assures. The many players are potential users. Finally, this solution is also environmentally friendly by limiting travel.

In 2021 he joined the mining incubator always in connection with the Champollion University. He is also followed by the Tarn/Aveyron network of entrepreneurs who train him in human resources and legal matters.

In 2022, the company is registered, the adventure can begin. It raises funds for 170,000 euros through honor loans. Six people are hired.

Like the project. “We have great feedback from advertisers. And good feedback from event planners who are now waiting for rehearsals. It’s a bit of a pain at the moment,” she admits. The company tested its solution once on a forum for the University of Champollion and will soon repeat such an event again with the Albigensian university. And an opening event in December on its hub.

For now, the company is working on a project and is still in the research and development phase. At the same time, look for customers. It has already approached major economic players and also museums. “The possibilities are limitless.”

To start definitively, V-Event will start a new fundraising of up to €200,000. Soon he would like to hire 7 new people to do research on the artificial intelligence and data analysis part. Because its ultimate goal is to create an editor, which will allow everyone through a platform to create events independently.

Virtual event what’s next?

A virtual event is a three-dimensional universe created from scratch to present, promote, inform or collect on a specific theme or topic. This may concern trade fairs, exhibitions, shows, conventions, concerts or other events.

Users embody avatars with which they can move freely in this virtual universe, all they need is a compatible device (computer, phone or console).

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