Why the Comptoir Commercial du Languedoc “divides energy needs by four”

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It is one of the oldest brands in the Tarn. Founded by Mr. Passebosc 135 years ago, the family business Comptoir Commercial du Languedoc (CCL) spans the centuries. And the regions.

Established in thirteen departments, between Occitania and New Aquitaine, the CCL established itself in the Lot-et-Garonne almost two years ago. Initially specializing in the iron trade, CCL has expanded to hardware in general, then to heating, plumbing, sanitary ware, building materials and, more recently, electricity and painting.

Because the company thinks big. “We work with historic partners such as Atlantic, a manufacturer of thermal comfort solutions,” recalls Fabien Pozzobon, manager of the Agen branch. The latter joined the structure in March, attracted by the family aspect of the company, whose values ​​of commitment and conviviality are dear to him.

“The idea is to create a virtuous circle”

The climate transition obliges, now it is towards renewable energies and “high environmental quality” constructions that the brand is veering. “We integrate the concept of energy transition with advanced systems. The idea of ​​creating a virtuous circle,” explains the manager. “We are able to make hybrid gas boilers”, he explains. A process that, beyond the sustainable aspect, allows to reduce the energy bill, dividing the “energy requirement by four”.

Solar panels, replacement of diesel boilers with heat pumps, the company multiplies its products. “It always takes some time for people to trust us,” says Fabien Pozzobon. Although he is still young in the region, the CCL has already proven itself.

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