Whitsun weekend: traffic jams on the A61 motorway in the return direction between Narbonne and Toulouse

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As expected by Bison futé before the weekend, traffic is intense this Monday in the direction of the returns. Traffic jams waste at least half an hour on the A61 towards Toulouse.

Traffic jams to end the weekend. As this three-day break ends on this Whit Monday evening, traffic is heavy, especially on the A61 in the return direction, between Narbonne and Toulouse.

According to the official account of Vinci Autoroutes, it took 1h45 instead of 1h10 to travel between the two cities at 17:00 this Monday, but traffic is expected to increase further.

On Friday evening, this same journey in the direction of departures could have taken more than 2h30, due to numerous traffic jams caused, among other things, by an accident and by the presence, for a few more months, of two work zones out of 14 respectively ( near Villefranche-de-Lauragais) and 10 kilometers (Lézignan-Corbières).

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