WhatsApp will roll out a new feature to hide intimate chats

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Whatsapp will soon create a feature that will allow you to block your private conversations.

There’s something new on Whatsapp. The messaging service will soon create a new feature that will further protect your conversations. Its name: “Chat Blocker”.

“We think this feature will be ideal if you share your phone with a family member or when someone else is using your phone at the exact moment you receive a special message,” explains the Whatsapp blog.

Operation will be very simple. To block a conversation, simply press on the name of a person or group and select the block option. The chat will appear in a separate tab from other conversations, and notifications for that chat will be hidden. A password or fingerprint will be required to access it. Also, photos from this conversation will no longer automatically save to your phone’s photo gallery.

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Several phone models already offer to block Whatsapp by setting the access conditions from the smartphone settings.

WhatsApp is the second most used social network in France in 2023 with 31 million active users behind Facebook at 40 million and ahead of Instagram at 28 million.

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