We explain why a thousand subscribers were deprived of electricity on Tuesday evening in the northern districts of Montauban

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On Tuesday evening, just before 10 pm, there was a power outage in Montauban, particularly in the northern area and in the Bas-Pays district. 1,191 inhabitants were affected. Explanations.

A power cut disturbed the Montalbanais, especially in the northern area, in Futuropole, Birac and Bas Pays on Tuesday evening at exactly 21:51. According to Enedis, 1,191 customers were affected. In question, two incidents identified on underground high voltage cables located in Aussonne and Bas Pays. “70-80% of users were replenished in a few minutes thanks to the automatons working remotely,” says Jean-Baptiste Henry, regional director of Enedis. Two technicians intervened to solve the problems of the last homes without electricity. All of our clients recovered between 11:29pm and 11:43pm.

After emergency troubleshooting, repairs

After these emergency repairs, Enedis started work this Wednesday. “We brought in a special truck to look for faults on the network, before using the excavators to drill holes and allow the technicians to intervene”, assures Jean-Baptiste Henry.

The reasons for these sudden cuts remain to be known. The heat of the last few days may have had an effect. “It is still too early to draw conclusions, believes the head of Enedis. We can assume that the heat played a role, even though we are not in a heatwave zone. Normally the high temperatures must last over time, at least a week, for the soil to rise in temperature and cause this type of defect. But the network is very dense and for us it is a trivial incident. This has nothing to do with the damage caused by the severe storms that recently hit the west of the department. »

An increase in electricity consumption, due in particular to the intensive use of air conditioning, could have explained this cut, but Jean-Baptiste Henry denies this hypothesis. “Up to now we have had no problems with the electricity supply. The intensive use of air conditioning is no more energy intensive than the use of heating in winter. »

Law of the series, another breakdown occurred on rue Voltaire at 2.13 pm this Wednesday, again due to an accident at the level of the underground network. Electricity was cut for an hour.

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