Watering gardens, filling swimming pools… Restrictions for individuals and farmers in 35 municipalities in Haute-Garonne from July 27

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New water restrictions are taken in 35 communes of Haute-Garonne and concern all users, whether private individuals or farmers. Watering, filling the pool or cleaning the car, the restrictions are numerous and will come into force from next Thursday

The June storms will not have changed that. River levels in Haute-Garonne have not returned to a sufficient level and, due to the high temperatures of recent days, “all river flows have decreased. Thus began the destocking of the dams that allow the rivers to be filled”, indicate the services of the prefecture who have decided to implement new restrictions on the use of water.

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They will enter into force from Thursday July 27 and will apply to irrigating farmers who take a sample from a limited watercourse, but also to all other users, whether private, community or industrial, located in one of the 35 communes of the Haute-Garonne, served by the drinking water of the Ariège watercourse. “These restrictions apply whether the water comes from drinking water, a stream or a well”, specifies the prefecture of Haute-Garonne, which justifies this decision due to a significant deficit at the level of the Pyrenean dams.

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The Municipalities concerned are the following: Aignes, Auragne, Auribail, Auterive, Ayguesvives, Beaumont-sur-Lèze, Beauteville, Caignac, Calmont, Caujac, Cintegabelle, Esperce, Gaillac-Toulza, Gardouch, Gibel, Grazac, Grépiac, Labruyère-Dorsa, Lagarde, Lagardelle-sur-Lèze, Lagrâce-Dieu, Marliac, Mauressac, Ma uvaisin, Miremont, Monestrol, Montclar-Lauragais, Montesquieu-Lauragais, Montgeard, Nailloux, Puydaniel, Renneville, Saint-Léon, Seyre, Vieillevigne.

Municipalities affected by the restrictions in Haute-Garonne since 27 July 2023

Here is the detailed list of restrictions:

Irrigation of vegetable gardens (including greenhouses, not agricultural) is prohibited from 1.00pm to 8.00pm.

– Irrigation of lawns, flower beds, pleasure gardens and green spaces it is forbidden from 8:00 to 20:00

– Irrigation of sports fields (including equestrian development areas, centres racetracks, motocross circuits, mountain bike circuits) is prohibited from 1pm to 8pm.

– Irrigation of plantations of trees and shrubs less than 3 years old by communities and on the canals it is forbidden from 13:00 to 20:00.

– Irrigation of golf courses is prohibited from 8:00 to 20:00 and a reduction of weekly consumption of 30% must be implemented (with the maintenance of a weekly sampling log during the lean period).

– The washing of vehicles and boats by professionals is forbidden except with high pressure equipment or with a water recycling system (unless there are sanitary requirements). For the professional, exposure of the current restriction order is mandatory.

– It is forbidden to wash private vehicles and boats in private homes (eg health imperative).

– Cleaning facades, roofs, sidewalks, streets and other waterproofed surfaces it is prohibited unless there are health, safety or work imperatives.

– The filling of family pools is prohibited except for leveling and for the first fill if the site was launched before the first restrictions. LDrainage of swimming pools is prohibited.

– The supply of public and private ornamental fountains in an open circuit is prohibited.

– The operation of beach showers and any other similar devices is prohibited.

Environmentally Classified Installations (ICPE) should refer to their order specific.

– Industrial and commercial activities must limit their water consumption. The sample log must be completed weekly.

Other restrictions have already been taken on the Léze, Hers-Vif, Hers-Mort and Girou rivers.

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