Vodka, wine… how the government intends to raise alcohol taxes

the essential
The government plans to raise taxes on alcohol, “by a few cents” or so.

Second Le Figaro, the government plans to raise the price of bottles of alcohol. An idea that should be presented and studied next September during the examination in Parliament of the social security financing bill for 2024.

The Ministry of Economy assures colleagues that the increase should be only “a few cents”. However, the pros rather conjure up an increase of one to two euros. With a 10% increase “on an average price of 19 euros per litre”, calculated on duties and VAT, “there is an increase of 1.17 euros”, explains the French Federation of distillates.

Concretely, the government wants to change the method of calculating the price increase of alcoholic products. Today it is calculated on the price evolution for the year N-2 (2021). With the executive project, prices would now be calculated from the inflation of the year N-1, i.e. 2022. As for tobacco. A measure that could yield a few hundred million euros more.

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