Visit of the Minister of Agriculture to Ariège: what are the expectations of Philippe Lacube, president of the departmental chamber?

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Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau is due to visit Ariège on April 17. The president of the Departmental Chamber of Agriculture, Philippe Lacube, will discuss various topics, including that of predation.

It is a long overdue visit to Ariège. Already postponed twice since 2023, the visit of Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture, should take place in April, the 17th more precisely, if no setbacks cancel the visit once again. A much awaited visit by farmers and by the president of the Chamber of Agriculture, Philippe Lacube.

The question of water will be part of the discussions, although decisions have already been taken from a departmental point of view. Above all, the aspect of predation will be at the heart of the exchanges between Marc Fesneau and the farmers.

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“We have the impression that at the state level, the file, both like the bear, is hibernating”

Philippe Lacube, who has already had the opportunity to meet with the Minister during a two-hour meeting in Paris, hopes that the discussions will lead to decisions, particularly in legal matters. “We have to prevent the decrees from being attacked and violated. There is a real legal problem about a decree that is not delimited enough on the basis of a text on fear. During our interview, he pledged to ensure that, legally, we can to have a fearsome, unassailable order, it’s really about time”.

The president of the Chamber of Agriculture of Ariège will also ask for the count of bears in the Couserans in the face of a “totally unlivable” situation, according to Philippe Lacube, but also an impact study to see on the one hand what caused the introduction of the bear and on the other to measure the consequences of the protection measures, in particular on biodiversity. However, Philippe Lacube acknowledges: “On the legal aspect he seems determined, on the rest there is still work to be done to convince him”. The visit of the Minister of Agriculture on Monday 17 April 2023 seems ideal for the Chamber and farmers to make their claims heard.

However, and despite the constant reminders during the winter, Philippe Lacube rails against the government’s inaction: “We have the impression that at the state level, the file, like the bear, goes into hibernation”. If this sentence makes you smile, it shows the annoyance of the farmers when they are preparing to mount the animals in the pastures: “The government is waking up that now summer is coming, while we have been waiting for six months for action by It’s a real shame”, concludes Philippe Lacube who hopes that the arrival of Marc Fesneau will bear fruit.

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