Villeneuve. Foie gras will make a recipe

Not long ago, the Association Produits et Saveurs du Rouergue held its meeting. It brings together representatives of the Aveyron Chamber of Agriculture, the OAC, the Optéo foundation, the Lycée hôtelier Saint Joseph, individuals, including agro-food entrepreneurs and chefs who share the association’s purpose: “to highlight local products, in particular by organizing conferences, competitions, fairs and markets… allowing the promotion, tasting and marketing of these products”.

Heavily affected by bird flu

The president, Jean Pierre Bénazet, presented the moral balance sheet for 2022. The situation was delicate due to bird flu which made foie gras rare. Chaired by Frédéric Rubio, cooking teacher, the Foies Gras departmental competition and Aveyron cured meats took place in Villefranche on Friday 18 November 2022.

The medals

For the 17th time, it has awarded a gold or silver medal or the jury’s favorite to artisanal or agricultural products from Aveyron: duck foie gras, pure pork fricandeau, dry-cured ham, dried duck breast, dried perch, dried sausage. 21 producers participated with 74 products.

The 2022 cash flow statement, presented by the treasurer, shows a surplus of €980.00 with a departmental contribution of €1,000.00 and a reserve of €9,600.00. The contribution remains fixed at €10. The two reports were approved unanimously.

In terms of projects: trips to the surroundings – Roquefort (January) – truffles (mid-February) – Marcilhac wine (July 13) and Armagnac, in the Landes (October).

Upcoming races

The 18th Foie gras and charcuterie competition will take place on Friday November 24, 2023, with a jury selected by the Chamber of Agriculture, made up of qualified professionals and amateurs, with rules identical to those of the Paris general agricultural competition. Obtaining a medal is excellent publicity for professionals.

On Saturday 25 November, the 3rd competition for “The best traditional or creative terrine 20023”, organized by chef Francis Cardaillac, will offer amateur cooks from Aveyron, Lot, Tarn and Tarn-et-Garonne the opportunity to express their creativity with a free cold terrine recipe with meat or fish and vegetables for 10 people.

For any contact: 05 65 45 61 04 or 07 60 99 60 03.

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