VIDEO. Toulouse: cartoucherie rooms unveiled

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Gastronomic halls, sports, work and cultural spaces, with a hall for shows and cinemas, the heart of the Toulouse eco-district is above all a place to live. The Gourmet Room will open on 8 September.

Launched seven years ago, in 2016, the Halles de la Cartoucherie project sees the end of the tunnel, after many vicissitudes, in particular due to Covid. The recovery of the large centenary hall, 250 m long, arrives, after twenty months of work, at the final stretch. For an inauguration of the Gourmet Room on 8,9 and 10 September.
A veritable weekend of celebrations is in the making, which will coincide with the first match of the France/New Zealand Rugby World Cup on Friday 8 September. In February 2024, the performance hall will open at the end of the large hall, on the Zenith side. At the end of 2024, the four cinemas will follow, in the small hall, on the central square side of the Libertà Comunali.

concrete cathedral

45 companies took part in the refurbishment of the old cartridge factory, led by the promoter Redman, a specialist in this type of refurbishment, who speaks of the Cartoucherie as the “third largest place in France”, and by the firms Compagnie Architecture (of Bordeaux) and Oeco Architectes (of Toulouse). Architects who wanted to equip this “concrete cathedral” (according to the architect Chloé Bodart) with all the modernity, with responsible work and materials of biological origin, including a lot of wood.
“But the Cartoucherie is above all not just a real estate project, it is above all a place to live in the heart of the eco-district”, summarizes Gilles Jumaire, one of the co-founders of the project, who recalls “the more than 400 events (exhibitions, festivals , lunches) produced on site before rehabilitation.” The former show producer left Bleu Citron, still a partner in the project, to join Pour la route, which accompanies the cultural and artistic aspect of the project.

One million visitors

“We are hoping for one million visitors for this project supported by Toulouse Métropole, the Occitanie region (1.7 million euros in the context of eco-renovation) and the Oppidéa joint company” (in charge of general urban planning of eco-renovation ) district, ed), says Adrien Ramirez, of the real estate company Bellevilles, partner of the project. For this manager of the solidarity company of social utility (Esus), “this project built on four pillars, sustainable food, sport, work and culture (will be) an economically strong place that will generate a lot of turnover. business, sustainability, exchange, comparison, in co-construction with users, operators, local residents and partners”.
An unprecedented project in the urban planning of Toulouse, in the sense that it should help to animate and enhance the already innovative eco-neighborhood of the Cartoucherie. A place to eat, shop and party, go to shows, play sports, but also work


A social and solidarity project worth 43 million euros

The owner of the Halles de la Cartoucherie is the Lotjas company which brings together two partners, explains Sébastien de Hulster (De Watou): the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (para-public bank) which holds 40% and the six co-founders, for the remaining 60% : Gilles Jumaire (For the street), UCPA (sports and leisure association), Bellevilles (Esus real estate company, social utility company), De Watou (real estate operator specializing in the revitalization of territories), The Roof Toulouse (solidarity company climbing houses) and Thierry Monassier (TMCO, catering consultant). The site purchased for 3.5 euros, the construction site (18 million euros) provided for 20,000 hours of return. The overall project represents an investment of 43 million euros with a pool of five banks. 260 direct jobs (including 100 immediate) and 350 indirect jobs will be created, according to Adrien Ramirez (Bellevilles).

166 workstations and 5 meeting and training rooms on 1,300 m2. A L’Autre Rive bookshop will be located at 1 um
corridor floor.

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