VIDEO. Shortly before touchdown, the plane loses one landing gear

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On approach to Findel airport in Luxembourg on Sunday evening, a cargo plane lost its landing gear. A spectacular scene that led to the blockage of air traffic for the whole evening.

Big scare at Luxembourg Findel Airport Sunday around 7pm. A cargo plane lost its landing gear while landing on the runway. The scene was filmed by an aircraft observer.

The Boeing 747-400 had previously taken off from the same airport. He had failed to retract his landing gear. The pilot had therefore decided to reverse course and return to the airport. The airline Cargolux speaks of a “significant accident”.

Cargolux confirms that one of its B747-400Fs suffered a serious accident when landing at LUX Airport on Sunday evening. No people on board or on the ground were injured. The competent authorities have been informed of the incident.

—Cargolux Airlines (@Cargolux_Intl) May 14, 2023

The cargo plane managed to land safely. The torn tires made several big jumps around the track. The accident caused no injuries, indicates the Luxembourg newspaper The newspaper.

The cause of the loss of landing gear is not known.

In order to be able to clear the debris from the runway, air traffic was shut down for the end of the evening at Findel airport, which is Luxembourg’s only airport. It reopened at 1am

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