VIDEO. In Ariège, the Secours populaire sounds the alarm: “They are working and can no longer fill the fridge”

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The alarm was sounded by the Secours populaire, which denounced a sharp increase in precariousness, sparing no profile. Since December 2022, it has had 5% more beneficiaries every week.

The charities of the Ariège region are suffering the consequences of generalized inflation, which seems to have taken hold in the area. “A critical and worrying situation for the months to come, and which affects all profiles”, explain the departmental secretary of Secours populaire Gérard Sénevat and Françoise Delcol, an active member of the association.

5% more beneficiaries every week in favor of the people

«Last December we registered 1,606 families, which represent 3,400 people welcomed in our 11 facilities located in the department. We will be able to compare this with the new June data, because we have been up 5% a week since December. in the Secours populaire”, complains Gérard Sénevat.

A trend that seems to have spread throughout France is revealed by a study published last Wednesday, May 17 by Crédoc, which notes that since the end of 2022 “more and more people have turned to food aid structures and the distribution of hot parcels or meals, also noting that only 45% of French people today say they have enough to eat”.

It is with palpable emotion that Françoise Delcol, head of the Tarasconnaise unit, draws up the balance sheet. Close to the population on a daily basis, the volunteer bears witness to the disorientation of the beneficiaries and the “bewildering” situations she has to face: “The profile of the people welcomed has changed a lot, she sighs, today we welcome young working couples, retired couples and even , both in the beneficiaries and in the volunteers, and all these people can no longer do it”.

Looking for volunteers

Rising groceries, rising energy costs, already tight budgets are quickly overwhelmed by an unexpected bill, observes the association: work, and who can no longer manage the running of the house or fill the refrigerator”, continues Gérard Senevat.

The association also has to face another difficulty: “the physical and psychological tiredness of the volunteers”. With 180 volunteers across the department, the Secours populaire believes it is “still a long way off,” says Gérard Sénevat: “As we welcome more and more people, we mathematically need more volunteers. […] If we don’t increase the number of volunteers, we will see a burnout of people who for the most part are already very exhausted”.

To join the ranks of popular aid, contact the Ariège federation on 05 34 09 37 27.

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