VIDEO. How the Toulouse-Lautrec museum has just revived a cocktail invented by the painter

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It will soon be possible to taste the cocktail that Toulouse-Lautrec served to his friends. This drink invented by the Albigensian painter has been updated by the best worker of France, Alexis Taoufiq. It will be served throughout the summer at the Toulouse-Lautrec museum.

And no, there is no absinthe in the Rainbow. The Rainbow is the new cocktail launched by Papilles cocktail in collaboration with the Toulouse-Lautrec museum. Its peculiarity? It seems to have been invented by the Albigensian painter. In any case, it was what his friends needed. The drink was brought back to the 21st century taste by Alexis Taoufiq, best worker in France as a bartender. It will be possible to taste it this summer during the gourmet evenings in the museum gardens.

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It all started with this event. The museum wanted to open up to the gourmet nightlife by hosting stands in its gardens. Having learned of the opening of the Papilles cocktail, the curator thinks it might be interesting to create a cocktail around Lautrec. In fact, the painter portrayed bartenders for his friends. Especially during the openings. Fanny Girard then goes in search of the recipes that she allegedly made and immerses herself in the works dedicated to the painter.

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That of François Gauzi, “Memories of Toulouse-Lautrec” attracts his attention. The painter friend tells how he invented a cocktail, called the Rainbow, and provides the list of ingredients. In his book by him, François Gauzi tells of having served this cocktail to his guests in the days when he opened his laboratory. Once a week on Friday. “I found it interesting to have this cocktail idea,” says the curator.

“I’m shivering”

He proposed the project to Alexis Taoufiq, who was enthusiastic about the idea. “I was thrilled. Updating a recipe from a world-renowned artist,” he says. And he gives him the ingredients list. Five in total. We will give only the picon and anise. For the rest, surprise, you’ll have to taste.

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It’s not about remaking the cocktail identically, it needs to be updated with 21st century tastes. “May it be as universal as possible”, specifies the young man. “These are the same ingredients, but modified at dose levels,” he continues. Even the alcohol content is certainly different: 14.6%. “It must have been stronger at the time. But it had to remain constant in my range, located between 12° and 15°”, explains Alexis Taoufiq.

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At first, he searches his archives if he can find anything resembling this cocktail. Nothing. “There is no equivalent recipe in the ‘Bible,’ a register that lists 3,550 recipes” from 1806, he says.

“Cut like Toulouse-Lautrec”

Then the search for ingredients and doses begins. “The first time I tasted it, it didn’t quite work. It’s like cooking, you need a balance,” she admits. So she stops and gives herself time. “It’s better to do it again with a clear head.” The second was much better and more balanced. The 3rd was even better and “validated by spouse”.

Dark in color, for him, it sticks to this amazing character. Not too bitter, balanced. But strong in taste and decisive like Toulouse-Lautrec, underlines Fanny Girard, the museum’s curator.

This cocktail will be offered during gourmet evenings on the Bastione terrace by Papilles Cocktail. On the occasion of the gourmet evenings, the museum will offer three lightning visits at the end of which you can taste Rainbow.

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