VIDEO. Great scare in flight: a passenger opens the door of an airplane at 200 m altitude

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A passenger on an Asiana Airlines plane opened an emergency exit as the plane was landing in South Korea.

On board an airplane, it is well known that one must not get up from one’s seat before the plane has completely stopped. The passenger on an Asiana Airlines flight did not follow these instructions. He opened an emergency exit… mid-flight!

The A321-200 was approaching the runway at Daegu International Airport in South Korea. While still 200 meters above sea level, a passenger got off his seat, walked towards the nearby emergency exit and operated the lever to manually open the door. The plane managed to land safely.

As the Yonhap News Agency video shows, the wind immediately entered the cabin, blowing the passengers’ fabric headrests and hair in all directions.

This sudden arrival of air caused breathing difficulties for some passengers. Fortunately, no one on board fell overboard or suffered serious injuries. Nine passengers still had to be hospitalized.

The passenger was arrested to explain his act, the reasons for which are not yet known.

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