Unusual: A strange racing car and Peter O’Toole’s Rolls Royce will soon be auctioned near Toulouse

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The upcoming classic car auction to be held north of Toulouse announces a bizarre racing car built in Albi and, among other models, the Rolls Royce of actor Peter O’Toole.

It had been a few months since Stanislas Machoir had cracked down on originality. But obviously the wait was worth it. The auctioneer, owner of the Château de Lasserre, in Montastruc-la-Conseillère, north of Toulouse, is officially announcing a sale of vehicles which is likely to attract enthusiasts. As always, this sale will be eclectic, with, its organizer confides, “more than 200 pieces including 70 vehicles all from the collection of an equally atypical owner, a creator of the Tarn, mechanical builder, racer, writer…”

Actor Peter O’Toole’s Rolls-Royce Corniche./DR

And in the lot there are already some unique pieces such as this white Rolls-Royce Corniche which, Stanislas Machoir assures “was owned by the film legend Peter O’Toole”. This car would have “very few kilometres”. This model is not uncommon but the one presented to Lasserre should appeal to collectors looking for vehicles with an extraordinary pedigree. This is also the case with this Alpine Renault 1600 cm3, from 1970, light bodywork, very rare because it is sold to be “first hand”. Its price could exceed 80,000 euros.

25000 hp engine

But the surprises continue between the pages of the sales catalog with a strange red car, a sort of rocket on wheels. “Jean Yves Attard built this prototype car in the 1980s to try to beat the world speed record on the Salt Lake in the USA, a record created by Malcolm Campbell and then held by the Englishman Richard Nobel at 1027 km/h. He isequipped with a 25,000 hp Rolls Royce single-turbine engine (consumption 100 l/minute) and was built with the help of the Bretigny and Toulouse Flight Test Centers. It must then have the consent of the Chief of the Armed Forces. This leader is President François Mitterrand who agrees! Unfortunately an engine double turbine surpasses that of Attard…”, explains Stanislas Machoir. Forty years later, this creator decided to entrust him with the sale of his vehicle.” A possible price of 20,000 euros is possible for this creation, which should be the figurehead of a private collection or museum”, estimates the auctioneer who is counting on a surge in the price which, he says, can reach 100,000 euros”.

Lotus Europa.DR

Lotus Europa.DR

Less strange, but just as rare, other cars will undoubtedly arouse interest, such as this Renault Vivastella; a 1933 Hupmobile; a Mercedes 220 SL convertible, a Lotus Europa… Alongside these sleeping beauties, some of which have existed for more than 50 years (!), a whole series of automotive-related items will be on sale which, according to the commissioner – auctioneer, “should still get rich by then…”

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